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Week 2 Topic: “PLANNING A RESEARCH STUDY” Imagine doing groundbreaking research in one of the areas listed below. Assume that there is no prior research to draw on, so you will need to utilize flexible low-constraint methods. Choose one of the following research topics What would your problem statement and hypothesis be for this study? Which research method would you use? Why is it the best fit? How will you collect your data? What limitations will there be in your study? Are there any ethical issues you will need to address? Research Topics Some people are concerned about the possible effects of televised wrestling on viewers and on society in general. Studies have shown that seat belts dramatically reduce the risk of injury or death. Nevertheless, many people still do not use seat belts. The issue of concern to you is how one might increase seat belt use. Naturalists worry about the welfare of animals in the natural environment, but most people are unconcerned with the impact of hunting, habitat destruction, environmental pollution, and so on. Your research seeks to develop ways to sensitize people so they will have greater concern for wildlife and make greater efforts to reduce human incursions. Shoplifting costs retail businesses and consumers billions of dollars annually. A national retail consortium hired you to study shoplifting and recommend ways to control this problem.

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