Week 10.1 Discussion Response

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Write a response to each discussion post.  Discussion Topic: find an example of correlational research that is being presented with cause and effect conclusions.   Webster 10.1 COLLAPSE Top of Form The article I chose is ” Why Are Teen Moms Poor? ” The article is in regards to research that correlates teen pregnancy to poverty. According to information in the article individuals that finish high school, work, and get married before having a child the probability that they will be poor is 2 percent, when these things are absent, 76 percent will be poor. The author points out in the article that teen moms are not poor, because they have a  child, they are having babies because they are poor (yglesias,M.,2016). Another interesting point that was made is that, there is evidence that when a teen has a baby, It doesn’t hamper her economic prospect. However these young women choose to become mother’s become their economic outlook is so objectively bleak (yglesias,M.,2016). Stepanek 10.1 COLLAPSE Top of Form This link provides several common media presentations.  The one I chose is entitled ‘Breakfast beats obesity; Dinner denies drugs’ (Gerbis, 2017).  This is a very common claim that is made in news articles and commercial presentations on infomercials.  Most of what is presented is not presented as an RCT research. The presentation may be based on one random article that did not control for variables like motivation, age or that the habit of eating breakfast is may be related to individuals who lose weight, but not that breakfast alone is the cause of the weight loss. The second part of this article notes that eating dinner together is equal to decreased used of drugs, but cannot clearly correlate causation for the same reasons listed above.  Neither of these topics tend to have substantial evidence from RCT and at best apply an obscure anecdotal article without taking into account that strong family ties and support could also skew results. Bottom of Form   Bottom of Form      

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Week 10.1 Discussion Response

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