Topic: Cerebrovascular Accident Annotated Bibliography

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Topic: Cerebrovascular Accident Annotated BibliographyTopic: Cerebrovascular Accident Annotated BibliographyORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS I’m working on a nursing report and need support to help me understand better. Topic: Cerebrovascular Accident Annotated Bibliography Looking for APA format. Please see instructions on attachments and journal article to be used. 2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2attachment_1attachment_1attachment_2attachment_2   Heart Disease and Stroke: An Annotated BibliographyStudent NameDepartment of Nursing, The University of Texas at TylerRNBS 4601: Community and Population Focused NursingInstructor/Professor NameDateHeart Disease and Stroke: An Annotated BibliographySweta, B. & Radha, B. D. (2018). Risk factors for cardiovascular disease between urban and rural adult population. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 11(1), 71-86.This study sought to compare cardiovascular risk factors between urban and rural adults using a descriptive, comparative cross-sectional design. The population surveyed consisted of adults aged 20-59 years. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews with participants in their home environment where questionnaires were administered, and anthropometric measurements recorded. The authors found that factors related to cardiovascular disease such as inadequate physical activity, insufficient fruit and vegetable intake, obesity, being overweight, and hypertension were more common in urban adults compared to rural adults and concluded that participants in urban areas are more likely to have higher cardiovascular disease risk factors. Interestingly, alcohol consumption and smoking were found to be higher among rural adults. Though cardiovascular risk factors were higher in urban adults, the prevalence of risk factors in rural adults was not far behind. Therefore, there is a need to bring awareness to this issue to address cardiovascular disease in adults.ReflectionHealthy People 2030 objective Heart Disease and Stroke (HDS-01) is to improve cardiovascular health in adults. The research article discussed speaks to risk factors for cardiovascular disease in rural and urban adults providing guidance for the community health nurse to consider when educating clients. There is a need to bring awareness to cardiovascular disease risk factors. The community health nurse can intervene by addressing cardiovascular risk factors and promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors to decrease cardiovascular disease risk. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10 Order NowjQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘wpt_view_count’, id: ‘63213’});});jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘mts_view_count’, id: ‘63213’});});

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Topic: Cerebrovascular Accident Annotated Bibliography

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