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Assignment: Prepare no more than a one (1) page letter to the Owner explaining why you areentitled to extra time and money due to a differing site condition. The letter should comply withthe claim requirements set forth in the A201-2017 General Conditions. A copy of theA201-2017 Gen Background Information:You are General Contractor, LLC. Owner is Microsoft Corporation. Contract includes A201-2017 General Conditions You are digging a utility trench and you hit rock. You stop work and notify the Owner and Architect. The Owner and Architect come out to the site to exam the subsurface condition. They agree that the condition of the soil constitutes a “hard dig”. The equipment you need to perform the work is on a jobsite in Texas. No other rental company has the same equipment in the State of Arizona. The equipment cost will increase from $1,500/week to $3,500/week. You began digging the trench on March 1 with a finish date of April 15. Based on the information you currently have access to, the finish date will likely be extended until May 20. However, you are not 100% confident in this date because you do not know the condition of the soil not yet exposed. You also anticipate that the scheduled date for Substantial Completion of the work will be impacted by 15 days.eral Conditions has been uploaded to Blackboard.

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