Research Project (Part 1)

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(This is the1st part of assignment, will ask for more in later weeks. (will be using the same person for future assignments.) In this module (module 3), you will begin to compose data for a scholarly paper that relates to the technologies we are learning  about and how the solutions could assist in improving the business processes of an enterprise. Project Submission 1 requires you to select a title for your project, choose five IS-related solutions on which to conduct research during later modules, and build a four-page, ‘barebones’ template in current APA style format. The template that you create in this module will become a working document and end up as your final paper submission in Module 8. The document that you submit for this project submission should consist only of a Page 1: Title page Page 2: Abstract page with only the centered word “Abstract” (no bold font) Page 3: Body of text page that contains only the list of your five IS-related solutions followed by only the centered word “Conclusion” in bold font Page 4: Reference List page with only the centered word “References” (no bold font) Detailed Instructions: Title Page (Page 1): Page one of your ‘barebones’ template is a properly formatted APA style title page. The title page contains a page header that includes the words “Running head:” in ‘sentence case’ as shown in the quotation marks. The title of your paper (also known as the running head) is presented next in UPPERCASE letters following the words Running head:.” The page number is placed at the right-side tab location on the same line as the title of your paper. All the following pages will only present the title of the paper in all UPPERCASE letters, without the preceding words “Running head:.” The page numbers will be included in the page headers in a similar manner as presented on the title page. Abstract Page (Page 2): Only the centered word “Abstract” (NOT in bold font) is presented on this page in this assignment. Body of Text Page (Page 3): Page three of your template should contain only a list of the five IS-related solutions that you selected from the thirteen IS-related solutions provided. In later milestones, you will replace the titles in the list with centered titles and the IS-related solution data. Conclusion Section: Center the word “Conclusion” in bold font after the list of the five IS-related solutions that you selected on the body of text page. You will fill in the conclusion data when you finish composing the final draft of your document in the last research project assignment. Reference List Page (Page 4): Only the centered word “References” (NOT in bold font) is presented on this page in this assignment. 5 chosen IS-related solutions: 1. Cloud Computing, 2. Database Management System (DBMS), 3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), 4.Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), 5. Supply Chain Management (SCM) In attachment is APA style template that the professor gave us. Another attachment is an explanation for the entire research project.  This part is only for project 1 (Module 3)

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Research Project (Part 1)

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