Project One: Analyze the Design of a Risk Mitigation Plan

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CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies: Analyze the design of a risk mitigation plan for its inclusion of best practices in the field Identify legal and ethical considerations in risk analysis and mitigation within an information technology environment ScenarioYou are a risk management consultant and have been contacted by the chief information officer (CIO) of Workers Werks Credit Union (WWCU), a mid-size but growing credit union, to conduct an evaluation of its current IT cybersecurity risk management plan. Data privacy is a big concern in the banking sectors, and the CIO is concerned that WWCU’s current plan is outdated and has significant weaknesses. In your conversation with the CIO, you gather the following information about the situation: Current plan: The credit union adopted the current cybersecurity risk plan three years ago, but the CIO is concerned about possible gaps in the plan and would like to update it. Workforce: The credit union has experienced significant revenue growth, and the number of employees with access to its IT infrastructure has grown exponentially in the last five years.WWCU now has nearly 1,000 users with different levels of access to its central database.

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Project One: Analyze the Design of a Risk Mitigation Plan

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