NURS 6051 Module 1: Nursing Informatics Assignment

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NURS 6051 Module 1: Nursing Informatics AssignmentNURS 6051 Module 1: Nursing Informatics AssignmentNURS 6051: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology | Module 1Permalink: https://…atics-assignment/Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Analyze how data collection and access can be used to derive knowledge in a healthcare settingAnalyze the role of the nurse leader in using clinical reasoning and judgement in the formation of knowledgeExplain the role of the nurse as a knowledge workerExplain concepts of nursing informaticsCreate infographics related to nursing informatics and the role of the nurse as a knowledge workerDue ByAssignmentWeek 1, Days 1–2Read/Watch/Listen to the Learning Resources.Compose your initial Discussion post.Week 1, Day 3Post your initial Discussion post.Begin to compose your Assignment.Week 1, Days 4-5Review peer Discussion posts.Compose your peer Discussion responses.Continue to compose your Assignment.Week 1, Day 6Post at least two peer Discussion responses on two different days (and not the same day as the initial post).Continue to compose your Assignment.Week 1, Day 7Wrap up Discussion.Week 2, Day 1–6Continue to compose your Assignment.Week 2, Day 7Deadline to submit your Assignment.Discussion: The Application of Data to Problem-SolvingIn the modern era, there are few professions that do not to some extent rely on data. Stockbrokers rely on market data to advise clients on financial matters. Meteorologists rely on weather data to forecast weather conditions, while realtors rely on data to advise on the purchase and sale of property. In these and other cases, data not only helps solve problems, but adds to the practitioner’s and the discipline’s body of knowledge.Of course, the nursing profession also relies heavily on data. The field of nursing informatics aims to make sure nurses have access to the appropriate date to solve healthcare problems, make decisions in the interest of patients, and add to knowledge.In this Discussion, you will consider a scenario that would benefit from access to data and how such access could facilitate both problem-solving and knowledge formation.To Prepare: NURS 6051 Module 1: Nursing Informatics AssignmentReflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources.Consider a hypothetical scenario based on your own healthcare practice or organization that would require or benefit from the access/collection and application of data. Your scenario may involve a patient, staff, or management problem or gap.By Day 3 of Week 1Post a description of the focus of your scenario. Describe the data that could be used and how the data might be collected and accessed. What knowledge might be derived from that data? How would a nurse leader use clinical reasoning and judgment in the formation of knowledge from this experience?By Day 6 of Week 1Respond to at least two of your colleagues* on two different days, asking questions to help clarify the scenario and application of data, or offering additional/alternative ideas for the application of nursing informatics principles.*Note: Throughout this program, your fellow students are referred to as colleagues.Assignment: The Nurse Leader as Knowledge WorkerThe term “knowledge worker” was first coined by management consultant and author Peter Drucker in his book,The Landmarks of Tomorrow (1959). Drucker defined knowledge workers as high-level workers who apply theoretical and analytical knowledge, acquired through formal training, to develop products and services. Does this sound familiar?Nurses are very much knowledge workers. What has changed since Drucker’s time are the ways that knowledge can be acquired. The volume of data that can now be generated and the tools used to access this data have evolved significantly in recent years and helped healthcare professionals (among many others) to assume the role of knowledge worker in new and powerful ways.In this Assignment, you will consider the evolving role of the nurse leader and how this evolution has led nurse leaders to assume the role of knowledge worker. You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation with an infographic (graphic that visually represents information, data, or knowledge. Infographics are intended to present information quickly and clearly.) to educate others on the role of nurse as knowledge worker.Reference: Drucker, P. (1959). The landmarks of tomorrow. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.To Prepare:Review the concepts of informatics as presented in the Resources.Reflect on the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker.Consider how knowledge may be informed by data that is collected/accessed.The Assignment:Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.Define and explain nursing informatics and highlight the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker.Develop a simple infographic to help explain these concepts.NOTE: For guidance on infographics, including how to create one in PowerPoint, see “How to Make an Infographic in PowerPoint” presented in the Resources.Your PowerPoint should Include the hypothetical scenario you originally shared in the Discussion Forum. Include your examination of the data that you could use, how the data might be accessed/collected, and what knowledge might be derived from that data. Be sure to incorporate feedback received from your colleagues’ responses.By Day 7 of Week 2Submit your completed Presentation.NURS 6051 Module 1: Nursing Informatics Assignment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10 Order NowjQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘wpt_view_count’, id: ‘3194’});});jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘mts_view_count’, id: ‘3194’});});

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