NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects Essay

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NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects EssayNURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects EssayORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS 2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2attachment_1attachment_1attachment_2attachment_2   NURS-FPX4040 Managing Health Info and TechnologyName:Institutional Affiliation:Date:NURS-FPX4040 managing health info and technologyNursing informatics and the nurse informaticistTechnological changes within the healthcare sector play a crucial role in influencing the decisions made concerning patient care delivery systems and approaches. One of the main issues which influence the decisions made within the healthcare sector is the amount of knowledge and insight the practitioner’s exhibit when addressing patient demands. This knowledge is gathered from multiple areas such as education and experiences. While education and experience may offer a reliable approach for handling the arising patient needs, it is worth noting that failing to use the latest inventions may undermine the abilities to deliver services to the modern community. The growth in technology has offered a chance for exploring some of the challenges the medical practitioners face when dealing with patient needs and challenges. Nurses are required to deliver quality services while ensuring maximum collaboration with patients (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021). Sometimes, organizations in the healthcare sector may fail to create the ideal connection between technology and the workplace or the services offered, undermining quality. Having nurse informatics in the workplace is essential since it is possible to link the latest technologies’ services. This office is essential for the healthcare sector because it promotes the overall link and relationship between the practitioners and patients from a quality care delivery framework. Therefore, maintaining a nurse informaticist office in the workplace is essential for ensuring the maximum connection between the organization and patients when considering technological gap closure and management. NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects Essay Nurse informatics is an essential area in the healthcare sector since it bridges the practitioners and the management when utilizing technologies. Nurse informatics is a field where nurses learn and practice managerial aspects within the workplace utilizing technology to influence decisions made within the various areas (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021). In this context, nurse informatics allows the organizations to create a reliable bridge between the practitioners and technology, influencing a positive framework for ensuring maximum returns. One of the main issues that have been witnessed over the years in the healthcare sector reflects cost management. Cost management is achieved through various interventions, which include using technology and training. Nurse informatics offers the ideal framework for achieving the intended goals while maintaining costs, efficiency and patient care quality. Such goals are essential for the healthcare sector since they are all focused on a common area which is maintaining the ideal patient quality.Essentially, nurse informatics involves high technical roles where practitioners use data and technology to solve everyday challenges. Nurse informaticists usually research, design and implement new technologies within the care sector while training the other staff to use such innovations. On the same note, such a position involves continuous support to staff, which is essential for influencing care delivery decisions (Strudwick, Hubert & Gehrs, 2018). Other roles include quality initiative planning, education to other practitioners, project management, systems optimization, and utilization. NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects EssayNurse Informatics and other health care organizationsOther healthcare organizations have invested heavily in the various technologies to foster performance and improve quality in service delivery. The inclusion of a nurse informaticists position and office has helped healthcare organizations to boost their performance. Using this position has helped healthcare organizations to boost their overall connection with the underlying populations while reducing poor quality risks and challenges. Numerous challenges have been witnessed with the adoption of the latest technologies in the healthcare sector. Some of these challenges range from compliance to the overall service delivery utilizing big data and analytics. However, nurse informaticists play a crucial role in bridging the gap between such technologies and care delivery.Nurse Informatics usually interact with other practitioners from multiple dimensions. This interaction has offered informaticists a chance to explore the best ways to handle the arising issues of concern when it comes to service delivery. This interaction is professional and has considered focusing on using technology to solve the current and perceived technological challenges these organizations face. Such a trend has offered the practitioners the ultimate framework for achieving the intended goals and objectives. While nurse informaticists are concerned with technology solutions, they create a reliable approach for improved care quality while ensuring alignment in the workplace. NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects EssayImpact of full nurse engagement in healthcare technologyNurses ‘ full engagement in healthcare technology is essential for the numerous stakeholders such as the patients, other practitioners, and the regulatory agencies. Including nurses in technological decisions and systems allows them to improve their overall connection with the patients while reducing risks of poor performance and insight into the arising needs. On the same note, it is worth noting that engaging nurses in technology allow them to use evidence-based interventions to address patient needs and demands. In this context, the main focus is usually on analyzing the arising patient, and organizational needs and the role played by technological advancements. One of the main advantages associated with the engagement of nurses in the technological aspects within the healthcare sector is that it helps practitioners to increase awareness and insight into the patient needs and demands. In this analysis, the main conclusion is that engaging nurses in technology positively impacts patient relationships. For example, it is easy to share patient information within the healthcare sector while interpreting the witnessed issues according to the arising needs.NURS 4040 Social Media Growth Comes with Influential Aspects EssayOn the same note, nurses’ engagement improves the overall insight the nurses’ exhibit when it comes to dealing with information systems and data security. In this analysis, the main focus is on analyzing the potential roles the nursing engagement in technology may have on raising their awareness of security. Such an engagement increases the nurses’ overall connection and the respective technical requirements that are essential for guiding compliance according to the desired security, privacy, and confidentiality demands. Numerous healthcare policies have been implemented to foster patient data security (Honey et al., 2017). The HIPAA requires the use of the right policies and practices to increase patient data security from confidentiality, integrity and availability.When considering healthcare service delivery, following the proper channels helps improve care quality while ensuring engagement. This engagement plays a crucial role in improving the overall service delivery channels while reducing the risks of non-compliance with the said policies. Engaging the nurses helps them follow the guidelines laid down within the underlying frameworks while reducing wastage in the care delivery workflow. Therefore, engaging the nurses is essential in dealing with the arising issues within the care delivery systems, channels and processes. This goal is achieved since nurses are well educated and sensitized about following suitable care delivery approaches, reducing wastage.Opportunities and challengesThe addition of the nurse informaticists position is likely to have a significant opportunity for the interdisciplinary teams (Quintana & Safran, 2017). This position will act as the ultimate link between these teams and care delivery systems. The link will be easy to ensure maximum operational efficiency while incorporating technologies within the workplace. The main weakness is on the chain of command and managing communication.From another dimension, interdisciplinary teams can collaborate to improve quality care outcomes by learning more about the opportunities technology offers. Through this awareness, it will be possible to positively influence the overall abilities to deliver quality care through technology. Further, by creating awareness, it will be possible to positively influence the care delivery systems’ decisions focusing more on interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.Summary of recommendationsFrom the proposal, the main takeaways reflect on the role of nurse informaticists in the healthcare system. The first lesson is that nurse informaticists play a crucial role in influencing the care setting’s decisions concerning care delivery. Secondly, nurse informaticists help to bridge the gap between technology adoptions and care delivery systems within the health systems. Through this bridge, it is possible for practitioners to boost their operations concerning care quality improvement. The third takeaway is that while healthcare organizations are looking forward to ensuring maximum care delivery while considering quality, technology adoption remains low. Therefore, while such organizations may have various technologies, using them to boost operational success remains low concerning adoption, implementation and maintenance. Such a trend has affected quality care delivery. Nurse informaticists can handle this gap.ReferencesHoney, M. L., Skiba, D. J., Procter, P., Foster, J., Kouri, P., & Nagle, L. M. (2017). Nursing informatics competencies for entry to practise: the perspective of six countries. Stud Health Technol Inform, 232, 51-61.McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. (2021). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.Quintana, Y., & Safran, C. (2017). Global health informatics—an overview. Global health informatics, 1-13.Strudwick, G., Hubert, S., & Gehrs, M. (2018). 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