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  I already attended the seminar, and attached you’ll see what I recorded (typed)   Please just rephrase whatever I provided into something readable and one page single space 12 font sumary.   Food Science Related Seminar – Credit will be given for attending a session of the Food Science Department’s Seminar series (most Thursday’s at 4 pm in room 252, ask the TA for details), the Food Microbiology Group meetings (usually every other Friday at noon, see TA), or by attending another related seminar (seek TA approval PRIOR to attending). In order to receive extra-credit, prepare and submit via the ANGEL drop box a 1 pg, single- spaced, 12 pt font summary of the seminar you attended within one week of the event. Be sure to include the event details in your submission as well as: What was being researched or discussed? Why is this topic important? What was the primary conclusion? What did you learn?  

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Just Rephrase This And Organize It

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