Ifsm 305 Dis 1

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Topic:  Selecting an EHR system  – understanding cloud implementations. As part of the Stage 4 assignment you will propose an appropriate EHR system for the Midtown Family Clinic.  In addition to whether or not it is a certified EHR system, one of the most important aspects of the system is whether it will be implemented on-site at the Clinic or will be hosted “in the cloud.” This discussion will help you understand what a “cloud-based system” is and what benefits and challenges come with that implementation choice. GROUP 2:  Conduct some research on cloud-based systems or, specifically cloud-based EHR systems, and: In your own words, explain what a “cloud-based” system is and how it differs from a system implemented on the premise of the using organization Identify two benefits of using cloud-based systems Identify two risks or drawbacks of using cloud-based systems

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Ifsm 305 Dis 1

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