I have finished part of the draft. Please help me finish all on this basis.

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Task Summary The task is to write a critical essay analysing one media item, and drawing on three scholarly readings from the subject, in order to demonstrate an understanding of core concepts in Communicating Difference and to develop skills in academic reading and writing. First, choose one Australian media item published in 2021 or 2022. Eligible media items include films, television episodes, popular songs, and news media items, among others. See this list of Links and Resources to help you find an example. Please consult with your tutor if unsure about anything.Second, choose three scholarly readings from Weeks 1-6 in the Communicating Difference Subject Outline, and this must include at least one reading from Week 3 Indigenous Australian Identities. Scholarly readings can be drawn from both Required and Recommended Readings. Finally, critically discuss the ways that social identities and differences contribute to the social meanings of your chosen media item, drawing on the three chosen scholarly readings. For this discussion to be ‘critical’, you need to demonstrate an understanding of the key arguments in each reading, and to identify importance points of similarity and/or difference between the readings. You are welcome to disagree with or criticise the scholarly readings, provided that your own arguments are carefully supported by evidence. Introduction (100 words) Description of case study (200) Approach to case study using Reading 1 (250) Approach to case study using Reading 2 (250) Approach to case study using Reading 3 (250) Critical comparison of three arguments (350) Conclusion (100) Criteria Weight Critical understanding of scholarly ideas and concepts around social difference 25% Essay structure, organisation of argument and effective use of examples to support argumentation 20% Demonstrated understanding of Indigenous identities in Australia 25% Clarity and accuracy of written expression 20% Accuracy and consistency of UTS Harvard referencing (APA is also acceptable) 10%

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I have finished part of the draft. Please help me finish all on this basis.

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