HRMG 4202-Why and how do people learn?

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Discussion: Why and How Do People Learn? The objective of training is to impart a specialized skill or competency to the trainees. An effective training module addresses the training needs of the participants. To make a training module effective, it is important to first conduct a training needs analysis. As part of this Discussion, choose topics that focus on why and how a training needs analysis should be conducted and how effective training programs can be created. Based on your reading for this week: Select at least one topic from the assigned chapters that is of particular interest to you. Prepare a substantive response describing a real-world situation—either from your own experience or from an item in the news that addresses some of the primary concepts covered in that topic. For example: What learning theory or theories have you observed being demonstrated in the actions of members of an organization (without identifying people by name)? What is the relationship between learner motivation, learning styles, and the selection of the type of training used? Post a substantive response of approximately 300–350 words that is an analysis of your chosen real-world situation. Your analysis should include the following: Briefly describe the learning and training development topic, including identifying connections to the course text. Analyze the illustrative real-world situation, including background and relevant context to the chosen topic. Explain how the real-world situation clarifies or exemplifies the concepts in your selected topic, providing supportive examples and credible evidence as needed.

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HRMG 4202-Why and how do people learn?

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