How incentive pay affects employee engagement, satisfaction, and trust

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Objective: Beyond investing more money in pay and benefits, HR managers need to allow employees to tailor human capital, like time, energy, attraction and etc., to their own needs. 1. For each question, you might answer and write up one paragraph of around 50 words. Wait, is this a case story? In fact, this is an executive summary of the top research paper, “Does contingent pay encourage positive employee attitudes and intensify work?”, published in Human Resource Management Journal. You can find the research paper in the section of “additional cases” in the course D2L. Why did HBR publish it as a case story? …En…I guess first because it’s really good research with impressive managerial implications. Secondly, this case study follows the formal structure of a quantitative study as “introduction, theory, method, results, and discussion”. It could be a good example for you when you don’t have a clear picture on the final paper, you could write up a summary like this paper and then expand it for a full paper. Questions: 1. Among these quantitative results, which one surprises you? Why? For example, I was shocked by the negative relationship between share ownership and job satisfaction. 2. Do you think it’s a good idea to interview one or two HR managers for your case study research? Reply to Thread

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How incentive pay affects employee engagement, satisfaction, and trust

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