Hominin Chart

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For this assignment you will create a detailed chart about hominin evolution that covers ALL of the following characteristics for Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, and Homo sapiens: Time period where they were living both in number and era name. Famous example Brain size Facial characteristics like prognathism, teeth size and shape, and brow ridge. Changes to upper and lower body related to locomotion Tool tradition and examples Social and cultural behavior Then: In 1 page, not including cover page or chart, please answer the following questions: What trends/patterns do you see across ALL species in the following rows: brain size, facial traits, and changes in upper/lower body as they relate to locomotion? Why may these trends have been adaptive for human survival? Example: In the area of tool traditions, a trend that I noticed is that the tool traditions gradually include a larger number of diverse tools. For instance, for Australopithecus afarensis the tools are limited to cores and flakes with sharp edges. As new species evolve, tools types become more numerous (cores, flakes, and hand axes for Homo erectus, cores, flakes, hand axes, lissiors, and spear heads for Homo neanderthalensis; etc.). Having a variety of tool types would have been adaptive for humans to take advantage of different food resources for survival, to reduce the time and danger it takes to get food, and to allow for greater protection with weaponry You must use the attached template! If you use outside research, please cite in APA style and include a reference page. Hominid Chart Table Example.docx

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Hominin Chart

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