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1. What other colleges and universities are probably in your school’s strategic group? 2. From what other groups of colleges and universities could your school learn? What specific ideas could be borrowed from these groups? 3. This chapter discussed Southwest Airlines. Based on your readings of the chapter, how well has Southwest done in bundling together the resources recommended by resource-based theory? What theoretical perspectives best explains the competitive action of most firms in the airline industry? 4. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your college or university. Based on your analysis what one strategic move should your school make first and why? 5. This chapter discussed Howard Schultz and Starbucks on several occasions. Based on your reading of the chapter, how well has Schultz done in dealing with setting a vision, mission, and goals, assessing organizational performance, CEO celebrity, and entrepreneurial orientation? 6. Write a vision and mission statement for an organization or firm that you are currently associated with or firm with which you are familiar with. How could you use the balanced scorecard to assess how well that organization is fulfilling the mission you wrote?

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