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Remember! This DB has TWO parts. I recommend you complete Part 1 before Thursday (1/21). Both parts are due Sunday, 1/24. It is okay to post your answers in list form for this activity if you wish.  Clearly identify the questions you are answering and the part of the assignment you are working on. Your post should be easy to read and follow. Presentation matters.  PART 1-What You Already Know/Believe About How Children Learn and Teaching Health: Using the knowledge you already have about health education, how children learn, and what elements comprise good teaching/teachers, answer the following questions. Describe in your own words three essential differences between how young children, adolescents, and adults learn.   What are two essential differences in how children living in the 21st century learn and children living 20-years ago learned?   What two essential skills does a health teacher need in order to effectively teach and promote health in today’s school environment? What factors are influencing the need for these skills?  Of all the topics required by federal, state, and district standards & content for health education for children, what do you believe are the three most essential for children in YOUR community and why?  PART 2: New Skills, Knowledge, Information, and Understanding: You will be using both your textbook and content from the supplemental videos for this section of the assignment. Before you view the links to supplemental videos, complete Part 1. The links for part two are in the Thinking and Learning Activities folder in Module 1. These links focus on learning and brain development, community factors related to health education, and attributes of effective teachers and teaching. After you have read and listened to these resources, return to the discussion board, and answer the following questions. Remember – you will need to provide specific information from both your textbook and the supplemental material for this part of DB1. What do you know now that you did not know before? Be sure to specifically cite or describe what supplemental source provided you with this new knowledge.  Based upon what you now know/understand, will you need to modify any of your beliefs, skills, knowledge, or understanding? What? How so? Why?  Is there anything you saw that you disagreed with? If so, what and why?  Skim through your classmate’s posts — How alike or different are we in what we believe about teaching and learning? How alike or different are we in what we believe is important for promoting/teaching children’s health? What is one question you have about teaching and learning that you would like to ask? Peer Response 1 – Read through your classmate’s posts. Find a question posted by a classmate that is intriguing to you – talk to them about a possible answer and why you think their question is a thoughtful one. Peer Response 2 – Post to at least one of your other classmates who taught you something from what they posted. Be sure to identify what you learned and describe how you might use this new information/understanding for this or another course. Note – you should complete the two parts and respond to at least two of your peers.  Links to the supplemental videos are located in the Thinking and Learning Activities Folder in Module 1

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Homework For Class

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