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Home Health Setting SampleHome Health Setting SampleHome health care has become an increasingly acceptable and popular form of health care provided to patients for acute, chronic, and terminal illnesses. Home health continues to rise in demand for a variety of reasons. Home health is a cost effective method of providing patients with the care that they require (Phipps, Monahan, Sands, Marek, & Neighbors, 2003, p.154). Patients can receive needed care without the added cost of a hospital stay or an extended hospital stay.Home Health Setting Sample This helps to lower the cost for hospitals, insurance companies, public assistance, and the patient. Other added benefits to patients receiving home health care are a decrease in nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections, improved nutritional status, personalization of…show more content…When coordinated properly, the patient and nurse can restore the patient to their optimal functioning capability. During the home health observation day, there were several opportunities to observe a variety of patients with varying levels of functioning ability, different illnesses, and different needs and levels of interaction with the nurse. The first patient seen was a seventy-three year old Caucasian female with an ulcer on her right heel. Several weeks prior, she had scratched her left leg and she also had several small wounds on her left leg. The orders were to clean and redress the ulcer. She has a history of end stage renal disease, pneumonia, weakness, diabetes, dialysis, and right hip fracture. Upon entering the home, the patient was found to be sitting in a wheel chair in the living room watching television with her husband close by her side. She greeted the nurse with a smile and began to update her on her current condition.Home Health Setting Sample Her heel was “hurting” and she rated her pain an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. She also had some “swelling” that she could not “get to go away; because, she could not get up and walk. They need to fix my foot so that I can get up and get around.” She told the nurse that she had been to see the doctor “yesterday” and the doctor had given her a written order that she wanted her to see. The order was written for an evaluation for a soft pressure shoe fitting.According to Phyllis Meadows (2009), “Community health nurses are valued for their adaptability and willingness to provide care in many settings, including community health clinics, churches, homeless shelters, and schools,” (p. 19). Community health nurses aim to improve health outcomes and improve the infrastructure used to monitor and manage disease within the community. Healthy People 2020 has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time to improve health outcomes. Each community has unique needs and the role of the community health nurse is to work with and provide comprehensive care to patients within the community. This …show more content…Permalink: https:// hippoessays.com/home-health-setting-sample/It is important for a community health nurse to identify these situations as a potential for exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals. The nurse’s role would be to identify community resources that can help to improve these situations, educate families how to avoid exposure and identify signs and symptoms of exposure, and when to seek medical attention.Other community nursing roles within Spring Mills include helping individual families identify and maintain chronic and acute illnesses, providing education to prevent spread of disease, and identify resources that would prove beneficial for individuals in need of basic resources, such as primary care and basic needs related to leading a healthy lifestyle. This might include financial support, nutritional support, transportation, mental health resources, child education resources, and household safety measures that can be put in place to prevent injury. Home Health Setting SampleThe typical middle class American family has four people, two children and two workingadults. The combined income of the household amounts to an average net pay of $84,431 a yearand $60,000 of it is spent on everyday expenses (United States Census Bureau). Health care inthe United States is currently a free-market in which private companies charge customers fortheir medical coverage. In the current system, it costs about $8,400 per household for medicalcoverage in a year (Rising Health Care Costs). That only leaves about $16,000 for emergencymoney or money used for other recreational activities. The typical middle class AmericanHome Health Setting Samplefamilies would also have other luxuries that working class families would not have, and they lacksome of the luxuries that upper class families have. These numbers would change a little withuniversal health care coverage because there would not be $8,400 allotted for health insurance,however,the salaries would be less due to an increase in taxes taken out used to help pay foruniversal insurance. The middle class families would not be impacted as much as working classfamilies who struggle to make it through the month on a tight budget. Not all employers pay forinsurance for their employees and those people need to go through a different company in orderto have insurance. This probability could cost the family extra, and would add to their expenses.Other companies pay for all insurance claims needed by the employee and only have them payoff a small deductible. 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