HA515 Unit 1 Discussion 2/3

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In two different paragraph with no less than 100 words give your personal information to  Yin Ye  and  Kerri Collins Yin Ye  The most important quality of leaders is having vision and sharing with others. They are the people manager who motivate their coworkers to achieve objectives. They must have empathy to innate and understand the concerns of their peers, which helps to inspire the team and solve problems. They are the risk takers who have the courage to rectify when a mistake is made, as well as taking opportunities to make their vision become reality (“What is Leadership? 10 Ways to Define it,” 2019). In short, they lead their followers by influences. Managers are individuals who oversee a subset of an organization or are in charge of certain tasks. They act as a bridge between senior management and front-line employees (REH, 2019). They are the executors who help turning high-level goals into operating plans. They not only delegate responsibilities, but also provide guidance, support and motivation to their team members. They have excellent leadership, communication, critical thinking, project management, and collaboration skills that they serve as support systems for both the organizations and employees. It’s imperative for an organization to have both leaders and managers to work together. Innovation is very critical and leaders are the primary source of innovation. The organization will have a much harder time staying competitive when there is no good leadership to fill demands from customers. On other hand, managers establish rules and plans for the organization. When there is no good management, the organization can be stagnant and even suffer from financial stability. In order for an organization to run effectively, both leaders and managers are essential that they exist in tandem. References REH, F. (2019, November). The Role and Responsibilities of a Manager. Retrieved from thebalancecareers.com: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-is-a-manager-2276096 What is Leadership? 10 Ways to Define it. (2019, December). Retrieved from game-learn.com: https://www.game-learn.com/what-is-leadership-ways-to-define Kerri Collins  Although managers and leaders have many similarities, there are also notable differences.  A manager tends to focus on the day to day operations focusing on policies, procedures, and processes.  A manager is usually more reactive to situations.  Managers know and understand the daily duties and manage productivity.  Scheduling, rule development, and performance are priorities to a manager.  A leader, however, focuses more on the vision of an organization rather than the mission only.  Leaders are able to see the big picture without simply focusing on the daily operations.  It is the responsibility of leaders to motivate and ensure employees see the importance of the organization’s vision.  Leaders are proactive and ensure needs are met such as staffing, resources, and expertise.  Leaders understand how to put the right people in the right places to help the organization run smoothly.   (Gerald R. Ledlow, James H. Stephens, 2018) The basic difference between leaders and managers is that leaders lead people, while managers manage work.  Leaders possess the ability to influence and inspire those around them while managers focus on controlling a group or resources to meet goals.  (Nayar, 2013)  Most leaders in today’s world must be both good managers and good leaders.  However, not everyone who is a great leader is a great manager and not everyone who is a great manager is a great leader.  Leaders and managers are vital to healthcare organizations.  Leaders and managers must work together towards the goals of the healthcare organization. References Gerald R. Ledlow, James H. Stephens. (2018). Leadership for Health Professionals. Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Nayar, V. (2013, August 3). Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders. Retrieved from Harvard Business Review: https://www.hbr.org/2013/08/tests-of-a-leadership-transition  

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HA515 Unit 1 Discussion 2/3

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