Graduate Student Success Quiz 7

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1.   Duckworth’s idea of GRIT is best described as a. never giving up b. fighting through adversity c. passion and perseverance for long-term goals d. a sprint 2.   Duckworth’s GRIT can be correlated with a. Achievement b. Salary c. Reading ability d. IQ 3.   In Pink’s Drive, all of these factors led to better performance EXCEPT a. Purpose b. Autonomy c. Mastery d. Encouragement 4.   hich response shows Tuckman’s stages in the correct order? a. Forming, performing, storming, norming, adjourning b. Adjourning, performing, storming, norming, forming c. Storming, forming, performing, adjourning, norming d. Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning 5.   The first thing this week’s assignment asked you to do was to contact your group members. This action aligns with Tuckman’s Adjourning Forming Performing Norming

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Graduate Student Success Quiz 7

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