Gender and culture in conflict

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Week 1 Research Assignment: Gender and Culture in Conflict Communication: On page 68 of the text, the author’s state, “Gender, both whom we understand ourselves, and other, to be, has an impact on conflict behavior because it is so fundamental. We are socialized into our gender clubs” (Hocker, et. al., 2022, pg 68). How do you see this play out in our society? Does your view of gender roles affect how you approach conflict?Chapter 2 also addresses cultural perspectives on conflict. What effect do you see it to have? Describe the two types of cultures found on page 72 and explain which you come from and how it has affected your conflict style. Do other cultures approach gender differences in culture as discussed above in the same way as the Western culture? How important is cross-cultural communication? Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least one additional source. Write a scholarly article in APA format containing 300 to 400 wor

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Gender and culture in conflict

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