Forensic Issues

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Assume that you are called upon to testify in one of the two case scenarios for the Unit 9 Assignment on behalf of the nurse-defendant. Outline what evidence is important to preserve – how? Why       Each of you will be describing what you would testify to if you were an expert testifying on behalf of the nurse-defendant; therefore, I will simply discuss the elemets that will be examined in a court procedure. These elements include: ·         Failure to follow standards of care ·         Failure to communicate ·         Failure to document ·         Failure to assess and monitor ·         Improper delegation (Allen & Reising, 2007). Allen and Reising (2007) have mapped out some things that you, as a nurse, should do to help reduce the risk of being sued. They include: Perform only those skills that are within your practice scope. Stay current in your field or specialty area by attending in-service programs and other continuing education opportunities. Be active in professional organizations. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t accept assignments if you’re not sure you’re competent to perform them. Attend equipment in-service programs and make sure you know how to detect equipment failures. Never make a statement that a patient or family member may construe as an admission of guilt or fault. Document all patient care activities and communications. Know how to invoke the chain of command in your facility, and don’t hesitate to do so when needed. Maintain open, honest, respectful communication with patients and their families. They’re less likely to sue if they believe the nurse has been caring and professional. Carry your own malpractice insurance. That way, if you’re named in a suit, you’ll have an attorney dedicated solely to your interests. Without insurance, you must rely on the facility’s attorney, whose first priority is to defend the facility (p. 43).   Allen, P. N., & Reising, D. L. (2007). Protecting yourself from malpractice claims. American Nurse Today, 2(2), 39-43. Retrieved from       THis should involve peer reviewed resources at least 400 words with 3 APA references corectly cited. 

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Forensic Issues

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