For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Please read the article attached then answer the prompt. in the article attached below on Hemingway’s novel, the author says that they don’t care if it is a “great” book but they do see it as “what Hemingway wanted it to be: a true book. It is written with only one prejudice—a prejudice in favor of the common human being. But that is a prejudice not easy to arrive at and which only major writers can movingly express.” This echoes Hemingway’s own words about his writing: “A writer’s job is to tell the truth. His standard of fidelity to the truth should be so high that his invention, out of his experience, should produce a truer account than anything factual can be. For facts can be observed badly; but when a good writer is creating something, he has time and scope to make it of an absolute truth.” The prompt: What do you think Hemingway meant? Why do you think he was better able to get at the truth in his fiction versus his journalism? Choose a scene from the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls that you think best illustrates Hemingway’s efforts. Wrote at least 250 words answering the prompt above.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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