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 Ethics (eth-iks) is defined as “1. a system of moral principles, by which human actions and proposals may be judged good or bad, or right or wrong. 2. the rules of conduct recognized in respect of a particular class of human actions. 3. moral principles, as of an individual.”  In construction, ethics of both the company’s leaders and employees make up how that company is perceived and whether they are seen as ethical or not. The set of moral standards that we use to guide our decision making are our ethics.  1. Find the American Institute of Constructors Code of Ethics  2. In your opinion, which of the 7 codes is the most important? 3. Write a 1-page paper about why you think that code is the most meaningful/impactful to our industry.  Assignment: Write a 1-page paper (font Calibri (Body) 12 and a spacing of 1.15) using MLA Format you may cite up to 2 reference (sited on 2nd page titled Works Cited). 

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Ethic Assignment

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