Drug Related Deaths

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Drug Related DeathsDrug Related DeathsThis is the instructions on the syllabus: This is an independent activity which requires submission of a scholarly paper, according to the instructions below. The scholarly paper will be graded based on the Evaluation of Undergraduate Scholarly Paper rubric, which is included in this syllabus.Scholarly Paper: Using the PICOT process, analyze a current nursing practice-related issues and present it in a scholarly paper. The legislative issue will be of your own choosing and write a PICOT research question.ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERSThe scholarly paper should be typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman using APA format, and limited to 6 pages including title and reference pages. The references cannot be older than 2018. EVALUATION OF UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARLY PAPER RUBRIC WILL BE USED.Support your position with references no older than 2018 from at least two peer reviewed journal reference articles.Formulate your PICOT question using the INTERVENTION type of question http://www.unm.edu/~unmvclib/cascade/handouts/PICOTtemplates.pdf (look at the intervention one with the African american with hepatitis and pattern that one). Drug Related DeathsBowie State University – Nursing 425 – Transition into Professional Nursing PracticeYou are encouraged to take your PICOT paper very seriously as this is a research process you will use in your clinical practice to address patient clinical problem with your patients. If you find your patients are not healing- responding with the current medical and nursing interventions, you will want to write a nursing research question to improve practice. Remember, one can be sued for malpractice if evidence-based nursing practice is not used. One cannot use old interventions when new interventions are present. NURS 425 Bowie State University Drug Related DeathsA major part of your paper is to state if your PICOT measurable. The statement should be at the top of your paper so when I read it, I can measure the content of response through the body of the paper. You are to select a clinical patient issue.. Use a patient clinical issue. The research question should reflect acronym PICOT. The structure need to say comparison for the “C”. Use a critical care clinical patient. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10 Order NowjQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https:// hippoessays.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’, {action: ‘wpt_view_count’, id: ‘10955’});});jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https:// hippoessays.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’, {action: ‘mts_view_count’, id: ‘10955’});});

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Drug Related Deaths

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