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This week you will prepare for your ethical and cultural inquiry. Consider how culture can impact healthcare decisions and outcomes. Read the following article from the Western Journal of Medicine, Galanti G. A. (2000). An introduction to cultural differences. The Western journal of medicine, 172(5), 335–336. doi:10.1136/ewjm.172.5.335. Discuss the following: 1. Do you agree with the writer’s premise that treating patients with respect is not enough, but that it is necessary to learn about the specific customs of other cultures in order to provide quality health care? Explain your reasoning and provide examples. 2. Do you think there is a danger in stereotyping when discussing cultural norms? Explain and provide examples. 3. Which cultures and customs are you most familiar with? 4. Does culture play a significant role in the healthcare issue that you are researching? Explain

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