Disney case study

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1. Have you “experienced” Disney in some way such as TV programming, movies, parks and resorts, merchandise, or video games? How did this shape your view of Disney?2. Would you consider Walt Disney, Michael Eisner, and Robert Iger effective strategic leaders? Why or why not? 3. In comparison to its traditional competitors, where is Disney positioned among other media conglomerates?4. How did Disney create its uniqueness in the media and entertainment industry?5. What strategic pillars did Robert Iger put in place to grow Disney into the world’s largest media and entertainment company? Detail each strategic pillar and explain why this may or may not be important to Disney’s future.6. How is the media and entertainment industry being disrupted?7. What are Disney’s biggest strategic challenges? What recommendations would you give Bob Chapek to address the challenges? Be specific.

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Disney case study

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