Disaster Preparation Activities

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While CIP is about protecting assets, CIA is more about actions taken to insure the continued supply of the product or service throughout an event. Provide 1 or 2 examples of proactive CIP or CIA efforts taken by your sector’s owners/operators in preparation for an identified threat.  1) Name your sector and provide at least 1 service/product that your sector provides to the community. 2)  Provide an example of a CIP, (i.e. Something that was done to protect assets, mitigate damages, or speed response and recovery efforts) or and example of CIA (i.e. actions taken to help maintain the delivery of service/products throughout the event by bringing in additional resources through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with a neighboring county/state. or exercise a Continuity of Operation Plan COOP by moving operations to a safe location…etc direct your discussion item to the most recent disaster, “Hurricane Dorian”.

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Disaster Preparation Activities

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