Create an Organization Power point

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DIRECTIONS: Discuss the Organization in detail (name, location, web address, mission, purpose, goals and population it serves) Discuss the Organizational Governance Structure – for instance, if it is private, describe its Board of Directors, how many people are on the board? How many board members are men and Women? Is there diversity within the organization’s leadership? Be specific. Discuss the Staffing pattern – number of staff, various disciplines. Attach an organizational chart that visually indicates the lines of authority within the organization (who reports to whom?). If there is not a organizational chart. List the names of all leaders with their job title and contact information. Does the organization support or deter interdisciplinary collaboration among disciples? Explain Identify the organization’s use of volunteers – does the organization use volunteers? If so, describe. If not, how come? Discuss the Organization’s relationship to the community – through advisory boards, membership in service clubs (chambers of commerce, rotary clubs etc.) Discuss the Organization’s relationship to other organizations – does it belong to coalitions, professional groups? Does it have any joint projects with other agencies? Discuss the Organization’s budget for the current year – its size and what percentage is from government and what percent is not from government (i.e., from fees, fundraising, United Way etc.) Discuss the strengths of the organization Discuss the challenges (weaknesses) of the organization Reflection: Discuss what the group learned about the organization that can be helpful to social workers ability to need of clients Powerpoint Presentation Submission: The powerpoint presentation should be submitted on Blackboard by the listed due date. A late submission will reduce presentation grade by 5 points each day it’s late. Naming powerpoint document: OrganizationAnalysisPowerpoint for the Blackboard submission Group members’ names must be listed on the first page (cover page) on the powerpoint.

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Create an Organization Power point

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