Contemporary Issues In Aging W4A1

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Doris is a 79-year-old woman who has recently lost her spouse and has begun receiving home health services at her home. The home health nurse has noticed Doris spending large amounts of time at home alone. The nurse would love to see Doris become more active in her community and possibly be less sedentary. Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research on home health services. Based on your research and understanding, respond to the following: Provide recommendations to help Doris become a more involved community member. Analyze and identify at least four barriers that may exist in Doris being involved in more community activities. Provide solutions to each of these barriers.   Provide at least two examples of community programs that Doris could benefit from being involved in. INSTRUCTIONS: Please use in-text citation and apa references 

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Contemporary Issues In Aging W4A1

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