Cell Cycle and Connective Tissue

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The make-up paper for missing lab must consist of 1,200 words (approximately 3 pages) of original work (in your own words, not copy/paste from sources). The paper must be submitted on Canvas and will be subjected to plagiarism screening which will calculate a score. Any plagiarism scores greater than 20% match to sources or other submitted works (from other students) will not be accepted (will need to be revised). Your paper should include a description of what a cell is and some common characteristics found in our cells (organelles). Describe the phases of the cell cycle (interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis). Include a description of each of the phases of mitosis and what happens to the cell at each stage. The next topic of your paper should list the characteristics of Epithelial Tissue and examples of where you can find it in the body. Then, describe the characteristics of Connective Tissue and examples of where to find it in the body. If there is any additional information that you feel would be beneficial to the reader, include that too. References must be cited within the body of the paper and an appropriately formatted Works Cited page is required.

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Cell Cycle and Connective Tissue

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