Assignment: Building and Managing Teams

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Assignment: Building and Managing TeamsORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON  Assignment: Building and Managing TeamsThe nurse leader must have strong interpersonal communication skills, be able to effectively manage conflict, and be able to build and develop high functioning teams. The purpose of this paper is for you to discuss a highly effective leader in your organization following the criteria in items 1-5. Assignment: Building and Managing TeamsDescribe the characteristics of a highly effective leader. Which of these characteristics does the leader exhibit?Describe the leader’s communication skills with staff, physicians, other members of the interdisciplinary team, peers, and executives. What techniques do they use to address sensitive topics and conflict? Is it effective? Be specific.Discuss the types of interpersonal power they use to accomplish work and overcome resistance to change.Describe the leader’s team(s). Are they high-performing? If so, please explain why the team is high performing. If not, why does the team not perform well?Discuss the leadership skills the leader uses to building and manage groups and teams.ReferencesMinimum of four (4) total references: two (2) references from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than FIVE years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information). Peer reviewed references include references from professional data bases such as PubMed or CINHAL applicable to population and practice area, along with evidence based clinical practice guidelines. Examples of unacceptable references are Wikipedia, UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, & secondary clinical databases.must follow APA 6th edition formatting, citations and referencesUnless otherwise specified all papers should have a minimum of 600 words (approximately 2.5 pages) excluding the title and reference pages.Please use at least 6 sentences for the conclusion. nrse_4580_m5_im_mueller_effective_delegation.pdfnrse_4580_m5_im_mueller_effective_delegation__1_.pdfnrse_4580_m5_im_tan_et_al_2017_journal_of_clinical_nursing.pdfnrse_4580_m5_a11_wa_rubric_building_and_managing_teams.pdfnrse_4580_m5_im_Assignment: Building and Managing Teams Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10 Order NowjQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘wpt_view_count’, id: ‘20429’});});jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $.post(‘https://’, {action: ‘mts_view_count’, id: ‘20429’});});

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Assignment: Building and Managing Teams

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