Art Of Political Leaders And Rulers

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Locate 2 advertisements from a recent election campaign. These can be locate, state, or national. These can be political advertisements from mailers, magazines or online. Analyze the way the candidate is represented, answering the following questions for each advertisement. What is the color scheme? (Refer to Chapter 1.4 Color) Where is he or she located? What are the areas of emphasis? What is included in (or left out of) the composition? Looking at the advertisement objectively, what information can you tell about the candidate (physically, personality, etc.)? What do you think the candidate is trying to convey through this representation? Upload your photos; then, answer the reflection question. Reflection: How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in this module? Be sure to refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your response and include citations when appropriate.

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Art Of Political Leaders And Rulers

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