Applying Exercise Stage Of Change To A Low-Income Under-Served Population

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   Details: Read the “Applying Exercise State of Change to a Low-income Underserved Population” article:  Complete the “Case Study” document attached. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. HLT515.v10R.Case Study_student.docx Case Study Directions: For this assignment, answer the following questions based on the case study, “Applying Exercise State of Change to a Low-Income Underserved Population”. Use complete sentences when answering each question. Answers to each question should be more than one sentence in length. 1) What was the behavior change theory that was used for this study? Why was this theory selected? Do you think it was the best choice for this study design? How was this model measured? (4 points) 2) Who was the target population for this study? Why was this population group selected? (4 points) 3) Propose how social disparities may have been a factor in the study results. (4 pts) 4) How can this study be used for future research on behavioral change within this population group? (4 points) 5) What are some limitations to this study? Will these limitations affect the applicability of the transtheoretical model to other low-income populations? (4 points) Assignment Grading Criteria (Each question is worth 4 points)    Question Grading Criteria Points   Possible   Subject knowledge 2   Mechanics of writing (includes   spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use) 1   Included an example, supporting   evidence, and/or rationale 1   Total 4 Score calculation: Total earned  / 20 x 10 = Applying exercise stage of change to a low-income Underserved population Authors: Boudreaux, Edwin Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH BEHAVIOR; MAR-APR 2003, 27 2, p99-p107, 9p.  Publisher Copyright: PNG PUBLICATIONS ISSN: 19457359 Document Type: Journal Author Keywords: exercise stages of change models of behavior change underserved population

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Applying Exercise Stage Of Change To A Low-Income Under-Served Population

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