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Option 3: In the Apology, Socrates makes a number of arguments. Your task for this paper is to select one such argument and evaluate it. Do so by performing the following tasks:(1) Explain the argument (such that someone unfamiliar with the Apology could understand it).(2) Evaluate the internal logic of the argument. (Does the conclusion follow from the premises? If not, explain why not. If so, explain (if possible) how.)(3) Evaluate the truth of the premises. (Are all premises true? If you think not, you have to make a case that at least one of the premises is false. In all likelihood, you will have to argue convincingly for this (after all, Socrates thinks that they are all true). Consider how Socrates could object to your attack on his premise(s) and respond to his objection. If you think that the premises are all true, consider possible objections that someone could raise against (some of) them and reply to those objections.)(4) After having evaluated the argument, try to make the argument better (if you think it could be improved). Alternatively, you may try to come up with an entirely new argument for the same conclusion. (This fourth task is optional. If your evaluation of the argument (under 2 and 3) was very detailed and involved, taking up all the space you had, you do not have to perform task 4. If, however, you think you should supplement your evaluation with some extra commentary, you may perform this fourth task. Use your own judgment to decide, given your paper, whether performing task 4 is needed or not.)

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