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Heres the description: (Six entries, Two Paragraphs Each, Single-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Point Font.) For this assignment, you are required to write an annotated bibliography by reading at least six (6) scholarly articles and book chapters on your topic. Your articles should be substantive, current, and credible. As you decide on which articles to write about, select not only those articles that buttress your thesis but find a variety of perspectives so that you can have broad and in-depth views of the topic upon the completion of your research. This assignment is divided into three parts. The first set of entries (at least two) should provide in-depth ideas on your topic and support your thesis. The second set of entries (at least two) should incorporate views that oppose your thesis. The third set of entries (at least two) should deepen the inquiry. As you start searching for articles using our university’s library website ( and other websites (such as, you will normally find far more articles than you can manage to read over the next few weeks. Before deciding which one you will be writing about, the best course for you is to skim through most of them by reading abstracts and other information. For the chosen ones, you need to read them thoroughly by taking notes, commenting on margins, and asking questions. Since the quality of your annotated bibliography and the research paper will depend on these articles, how you read and what kind of information you gather from these sources largely determine how you would do in those papers. Every entry in your annotated bibliography should include citation information as a heading and be followed by two paragraphs: the first paragraph should summarize the main argument of the source and include important details. As you know, the summary is different from an arrangement. In the arrangement, we discuss what comes first, what follows the introduction, and so on until we go all the way to the conclusion. On the other hand, a summary is a condensed overview of the whole essay. So, your first paragraph should summarize the main argument and avoid arrangement. The typical way to begin a summary for this kind of project goes like this: “The author argues that…….” In the second paragraph, describe how you are going to use this article. For instance, discuss where the argument or a detail from this article fits in your paper. How would this inclusion expand and enrich your paper? How does this article differ from the other entries? While they could be longer, I expect each of your paragraphs for this assignment to be at least 200 words in length. To learn more about the philosophy and rationale behind writing an annotated bibliography, please visit the following link: Find scholarly articles on your topic to compose two entries for your annotated bibliography. The articles for this assignment should help you develop your argument. So, select journal articles and book chapters that will support your argument for the research paper. Please place the title of your research paper at the top of the notes. For each entry, start with the citation information for the sources and compose two paragraphs. You should have two entries and four paragraphs for this assignment.

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