400 Word Public Health Discussion ((Cutting-Edge Methods

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   Due 11/7 6 p.m EST 400 words not including title & ref min 3 APA Post the ARTICLE you used and the Public Health Issue Traditionally epidemiologists use descriptive, analytic, and experimental research methods to investigate public health issues. Once the descriptive epidemiology of a disease is known, specific analytic or experimental methods are utilized to study the issue further. As research continues and new questions are asked, it is not uncommon for new methods to be introduced. Often times, these cutting-edge methods let researchers investigate public health issues in new ways. For example, consider meta-analysis, a relatively new method in biostatistics. To apply this method, no new data are collected. Instead, results from previous studies are combined and analyzed in new, complex ways. In recent years meta-analysis has gained popularity among epidemiologists. Nevertheless, this approach has limitations and is not appropriate for all epidemiological research (Williams, 2005). For this Discussion, select an article on a public health issue in the Library that utilizes one of the following cutting-edge research methods: Bayesian methods Causal inference methods Geographic information systems Network meta-analysis Gene-environment interactions Genome-wide association studies Systematic narrative reviews Consider how the method was used and why it is considered cutting-edge. In addition, think about whether an alternative method would have been more appropriate. Post a summary of the article you selected and a description of the method that was used. Explain why this method is considered cutting-edge in epidemiology, including any advantages it provides that were not provided by other methods. Explain if this was the best method to address the research question given the current state of knowledge on this issue. Support your post using scholarly resources.

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400 Word Public Health Discussion ((Cutting-Edge Methods

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