4 Page PUBLIC HEALTH BIOSTATS “Opioid Addiction In Teens”

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Due 6/29/19 8 p.m EST 4 PAGES NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND REF PAGE MIN 4 APA FORMAT, GRAD LEVEL WORK.. ORIGINAL WORK.. SEND TURNI REPORT.     This third SPP assignment focuses on the sections of your research protocol that will provide more detailed information about the data in your study, including details of your data collection instrument(s) and the operational definitions of your study variables, as well as a discussion of confounding including title page and references (do not just provide an outline). This assignment should be written as a 4page scholarly paper excA form and style are expected to be followed, including the correct use of in-text citations and references.  The following is an example of a content outline for this paper. (USE OUTLINE) follow this outline exactly, all of the following content should be included in some way in the scholarly paper: Introduction One paragraph briefly restating the purpose and focus of the study Instrumentation (data collection tools such as surveys, interviews, or medical record abstraction forms) For each published instrument you plan to use: Identify the name of the instrument, its author, and its year of publication Describe the instrument and what it measures Discuss why the instrument is appropriate for your study and your population Provide information about where and with whom the instrument has been used previously Include information on the instruments’ known validity/reliability For each instrument you plan to create yourself: Describe the instrument and what it measures Discuss your plans for testing validity and reliability Provide information about how your instrument will help answer your research questions Operationalization of Variables (exposures, outcomes, covariates, potential confounders) For each variable in your study describe: Its definition specific to your study How it will be measured in your study How the variable will be coded (e.g., if collecting information on age will it be collected continuously (individual age in years) or in categories (age 18-24, 25-34, etc.)?) For each scale in your study, describe: Its definition specific to your study How the scale score is calculated and interpreted Confounding Identify possible confounders of the associations in your research questions Discuss strategies that you will use to minimize and/or measure confounding in your study

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4 Page PUBLIC HEALTH BIOSTATS “Opioid Addiction In Teens”

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