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  Please upload a personal statement, maximum three (3) pages. When writing your personal statement, please tailor it to the program/field to which you are applying. The following bullet points should be used as a guide in writing your personal statement: When did you become interested in this field and what have you learned about it (and about yourself) that has further stimulated your interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to this field? What insights have you gained? How have you learned about this field – through classes, readings, seminars, work or other experiences, or conversations with people already in the field? If you have worked a lot during your college years, what have you learned (leadership or managerial skills, for example), and how has that work contributed to your growth? What are your career goals? Are there any gaps or discrepancies in your academic record that you would like to explain? Examples might include mediocre LSAT or GRE scores or low grades in your early years of college. Have you overcome any unusual obstacles in your life? Examples might include economic hardships, personal or family problems, or a disability. Why might you be a stronger candidate for graduate school – and more successful and effective in the profession or field – than other applicants? What are the most compelling reasons you can provide for your application to be considered by the admissions committee? Answers: 1. I became interested in the field of education when i was in community college, i felt that i could change the mind of students. When i graduated high school i wasn’t the smartest. I wasn’t the top of my class. I didn’t go straight to a community college, but with perseverance and dedication i was able to get 4 degrees by the age of 25 and i want to motiate the youth. That its never to late to change your path in education.  Answer 2: I have learned about about this field throughout years of college. Also working in the education field for 3 years, teaching different subjects, and helping different teachers through the years.  Answer 3.  Through my years in college I had the privilege to work for a big box retail store called Frys electronics. I was the customer service supervisor for 7 years from the age of 18 to the age of 25.  Working at Frys thought me leadership skills from such a young age. I was able to learn new skills, such as communication skills, leadership skills, meeting deadlines, and being able to teach and train associates to become the best versions. Through my masters program i was a paraeducator and supervisor. I worked two full time jobs while attending graduate school full time. I learned time management skills and discipline. I have grown in so many way. I leanred how to become a professional at such a young age. I leanred how to interact with a diverse set of customers and associates. I learned how to lead and make sure my team was always performing at its best.  Answer 4: My careers goals are to one day put my Master of public administros degree and my EdD to work together.  I want to give back to title one schools across Texas i want to train and help teachers. I want to be a spokesman for the youth in high school. I want to become a professor and teach soon to be teachers. Maybe even become a superintendent   Answer 5. My low grades in my community college demostrate a student who was workng a full time job and going to school full time to help family economics needs meet and rushing into graduating school.  

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3 Pages Due 18 Hours

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