150 Words Response Two Of My Classmate Discussion DUE TODAY IN HOUR

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1.   Post by Emily Welte 7 mins agoWeek 6 Discussion – Adulthood Priority Shifts Priority changes in adulthood often accompany morality changes as well as psychical changes.  When individuals are entering early adulthood, many life changes take place such as high school graduation, beginning university/college, developing your career, and even starting a family. Each of these life changes will result in a changed set of values and interests. (Markman, 2015) Positive impacts of priority shifts include better developed personable skills, more responsibility, and discovering life passions. Priority shifts can also have negative impacts on oneself, including increased stress levels, changes in body image, and financial difficulty.  During my development from adolescence to early adulthood, I have witnessed my priorities shift frequently as I entered different stages of my life. When I was a child, I value curiosity and knowledge, and strived to learn everything I could from my surroundings because so many things were new to me. The transition between child to teenager was rough, as it is in most people’s lives as this is a prime developmental stage in life. New priorities such as dealing with puberty, and balancing an up-in-coming social life emerged. In my opinion, the transition from teenager to early adulthood has been the most challenging, and I would be lying if I said I was not still learning how to navigate all the new priorities I have, such as preparing to graduate university and being launched into the workplace. Changes I have noticed within myself during this transitionary period are increased stress levels, more time spent online doing school work, and less social interaction.  References: Markman, A. (2015, September 1). How Do People’s Values Change as They Get Older? Retrieved from https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/ulterior-motives/201509/how-do-people-s-values-change-they-get-older 2.  Post by Priscilla Scott 14 hours agoInitial PostThere are countless priority shifts when moving from adolescence to adulthood. These shifts are normal and necessary to move from one milestone to another successfully. Depending on each particular persons life experience their priority shifts will be different and happen at different times in their life. For example a person that has a child at twenty will experience priority shift regarding earlier than a person who lives at home with their parents until they are thirty and has a child at forty.  For me I experienced priority shifts going from adolescence to adulthood at a very young age. Physically I dealt with the change of being pregnant at nineteen. My body went from being my own to being all about my child. What I ate, drank, and how much I exercised were more important that they had ever been. Going out and drinking was not an option any more. I had to quickly become more mature in regards to my health and well being as it now directly affected my child. This was difficult at  first at such a young age. I was used to doing whatever I wanted and not thinking about the consequences.  Emotionally of course it was difficult to care more about my child then myself. Often times people think that this happens naturally, however, I do think it is a conscience decision to decide to put your child first.  There is a shift from being selfish to being selfless. At such a young age that shift was difficult for me. When we are in adolescence the majority of teens are programmed to think of themselves first in every situation. When you are an adult, especially with children, that thinking has to change almost overnight. For me this was probably the most difficult part of moving from adolescence to adulthood. Additionally, adding on having to care about my husband and put his needs above my own was very trying and difficult at times. Dealing with cooking, cleaning, healthcare,and keeping everyone happy I felt thrown into adulthood rather that being allowed to transition. 

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150 Words Response Two Of My Classmate Discussion DUE TODAY IN HOUR

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